Saturday, February 28, 2009

Free Traffic Exchanges

All business owners need a marketing plan to grow their business and
attract traffic to their website for the product and/or service that is
being offered. You, as the business owner, are offering these pro-
ducts and services because of the needs that exist. These products
and services are being provided to meet your subscribers' needs and
solve their problems.

Most authors on traffic exchanges advise that you should join be-
tween three and five free exchanges. This is a manageable number
and, with the Firefox software, you can open several exchange
windows at one time to accumulate a significant number of credits
in a very short period of time. Some exchanges are expanding their
feature to allow you to supersurf - that is to surf four or five ex-
changes at the same time. Their only concern is that you join the
exchanges that are included in their particular group.

Once you've accumulated some credits, they are available to you to
use to advertise any websites that you wish to promote at that time.
This advertising can be done on the exchange you have joined and
the scope of advertisement can be broadened as you grow your

Traffic exchanges have become very popular with online businesses
and the exchange members cover a varied range of products and ser-
vices. Surfing the site advertisements is a smart way to find out what
sites exist and what services are available to you and others.

Finally, some of these exchanges attract various search engines and
some people join exchanges with this feature in their effort to im-
prove their own search engine ranking for their website. As with all
advertising, you are advised to develop several ads and determine
which keyword group in your ads are attracting the most traffic. Re-
member that the testing of ads is paramount to the success of your

Author: Winifred Freeman,

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Self-Employed Businesswoman Announces The Relaunching Of A Plug-In-Profit-Site, in relaunching their plug-in-profit-site, is rededicating
themselves to providing unbiased information on a proven home-
based business opportunity as a way to start making money online.
Enrolling in these programs at this website is your opportunity to join
the affiliate marketing industry.

Browsing this website provides a variety of proven income streams
related to network and affiliate marketing. These work-at-home pro-
grams have passed an intensive screening process and have proven
over the years to provide a legitimate opportunity for success.

They have included testimonials that attest to this package being a
perfect opportunity for 'newbies' and other entrepreneurs who are
without any previous internet marketing or online business experience.
Persons visiting this site will also be able to subscribe to a FREE
Home Business Tips newsletter.

This Home Business Tips newsletter is immediately available to you
upon subscription and it will provide you with daily home business tips
and tricks that are delivered directly to your email inbox for more
than a year.

Additionally, there is a download opportunity for a FREE 300-page
ebook authored by the renowned home business expert Stone Evans.
This ebook, entitled 'Dotcomology - The Science Of Making Money On-
line', contains step-by-step information about using the internet to
create multiple streams of income.

This version of this home-based business is upgraded because of the
additional features available for you to manage and manipulate your
website so that it more reflects you as a person. The multiple streams
of income available to you have been changed and the opportunities
to have your domain hosted have been increased.

Finally, this program includes a 30-day guide which gives you the op-
portunity to grow your new business as you learn and have good sup-
port in getting started. Be sure to use the site provided for you to
meet other business owners, get your many questions answered, and
help you understand that you are not alone in this new venture.

Author: Winifred Freeman,

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Opt-In List Generator - New Software Now Available!

Attention! Attention! All Newbies And Other Internet Marketing

This is that first item that will help you generate the list in your
niche you need to offer those most needed services and products
that you plan to provide.

All of us have, at one time or the other, spent months and maybe
a year looking for the tool that will accomplish the very first task
that we need to perform - build a LIST!

Well, I feel good that I can offer this product to help you get started.
Many of us have really backed into a successful business after
spending many dollars and lots of time. Let's help some of you get
started right. Go to the site shown below; use this tool and let us
know how successful this software is helping you to become.

Looking to hear from many of you soon.

Author: Winifred Freeman

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Education - The Online Approach

I have been delinquent in my posting because of my need to study more and be better prepared for the online presence I want to have.

I recently made comments on a very valuable post on Darren Rowse's blog: "9 SEO Plugins Every...Should Have". In response some of the following comments were forwarded to my email and what an education I got!

I want to thank Poer and Brad Hart of DoFollowBlog for their comments because it helped me see the value of idea exchange. Each of those posts were educational in their own right and helped me understand the need to study as much as possible before starting this kind of project.

Determine what kind of blog you want to do and take time to adequately prepare before getting started. It will eliminate the 'start & stop' mode you may exhibit in the beginning. Prepare 5-10 good posts before getting started (20 would be better) and know your platform from the beginning also. These are just a few of the beginning steps you need to take.

One gentleman was starting a technical blog and because of the other kinds of tasks he needed to perform, he prepared 50 posts. Once his blog was launched, he had sufficient posts to post frequently enough to establish his posting pattern for his readers and still be informative at the same time.

Adequately prepare......ALWAYS!

Author: Winifred Freeman

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Blogging As An Online Business

Blogging is a popular online business tool and is highly recommended for all online business owners. The word 'blog' was created by combining the words web and log. And anyone planning to communicate with large numbers of people using the internet are advised to start a blog.

How you use this tool is up to you. Angela Booth, a 30-year veteran blogger, uses her blog in several ways: as a creative outlet; to explore new product ideas; to network and make new friends; and to get new clients and contracts.

Darren Rowse, another veteran blogger, set up his first blog within 24 hours after he read his first article on the subject. In his first blog, he dealt with issues on Pop Culture, Spirituality, and Blogging. He gained so much from that blog experience that he has since started 'many other blogs". Also, he had started blogging as a hobby and it has grown so that he does blogging on a fulltime basis.

Some blogs have a small target audience, but the more successful ones are structured so that they appeal to many types of web visitors.

Blogging is something that anyone can do. In the case of a small business owner, you will be doing a business blog. It can be started with anyone of the templates available to get you started - like Wordpress, Google, or Blogspot. Each of these websites allow you to have a blog up and running in minutes.

Don't let being a "newbie owner" stop you. There are many sites that will teach you the writing format that you need to produce your writing products - a report, blog posts, or an ebook. If you feel that you are a writer already, then these teaching sites will help you sharpen your writing skills.

Finally, there are other elements available to improve your blog and make it attractive to others, but those are additional tools that we will discuss in later posts.

Author: Winifred Freeman,

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Legg's Online Marketing Course - 30 Days Or Less!!

Richard Legg, an online marketer, has a new marketing course
and, from what I've seen, it's absolutely amazing! Not too many
people know this, but in order to tweak and perfect the course,
Richard is giving away a limited number of V.I.P. memberships
- go get yours NOW - for FREE!

I have been given access to a special V.I.P. link to share with a
few people to visit the site and join up. Get it before the price
goes up!

All my regards,
Winifred Freeman

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Internet Business Grows!

As I have reviewed the business opportunites presented to me,
I have found a focus which I feel I will enjoy. This package currently
consists of a six-stream income package and three health and wellness

Take the opportunity to visit each and see if these sites are for
you. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised as you look them over.
See you again soon!

Winifred Freeman