Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Blogging As An Online Business

Blogging is a popular online business tool and is highly recommended for all online business owners. The word 'blog' was created by combining the words web and log. And anyone planning to communicate with large numbers of people using the internet are advised to start a blog.

How you use this tool is up to you. Angela Booth, a 30-year veteran blogger, uses her blog in several ways: as a creative outlet; to explore new product ideas; to network and make new friends; and to get new clients and contracts.

Darren Rowse, another veteran blogger, set up his first blog within 24 hours after he read his first article on the subject. In his first blog, he dealt with issues on Pop Culture, Spirituality, and Blogging. He gained so much from that blog experience that he has since started 'many other blogs". Also, he had started blogging as a hobby and it has grown so that he does blogging on a fulltime basis.

Some blogs have a small target audience, but the more successful ones are structured so that they appeal to many types of web visitors.

Blogging is something that anyone can do. In the case of a small business owner, you will be doing a business blog. It can be started with anyone of the templates available to get you started - like Wordpress, Google, or Blogspot. Each of these websites allow you to have a blog up and running in minutes.

Don't let being a "newbie owner" stop you. There are many sites that will teach you the writing format that you need to produce your writing products - a report, blog posts, or an ebook. If you feel that you are a writer already, then these teaching sites will help you sharpen your writing skills.

Finally, there are other elements available to improve your blog and make it attractive to others, but those are additional tools that we will discuss in later posts.

Author: Winifred Freeman,

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