Sunday, January 25, 2009

Opt-In List Generator - New Software Now Available!

Attention! Attention! All Newbies And Other Internet Marketing

This is that first item that will help you generate the list in your
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All of us have, at one time or the other, spent months and maybe
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Well, I feel good that I can offer this product to help you get started.
Many of us have really backed into a successful business after
spending many dollars and lots of time. Let's help some of you get
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Looking to hear from many of you soon.

Author: Winifred Freeman

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Education - The Online Approach

I have been delinquent in my posting because of my need to study more and be better prepared for the online presence I want to have.

I recently made comments on a very valuable post on Darren Rowse's blog: "9 SEO Plugins Every...Should Have". In response some of the following comments were forwarded to my email and what an education I got!

I want to thank Poer and Brad Hart of DoFollowBlog for their comments because it helped me see the value of idea exchange. Each of those posts were educational in their own right and helped me understand the need to study as much as possible before starting this kind of project.

Determine what kind of blog you want to do and take time to adequately prepare before getting started. It will eliminate the 'start & stop' mode you may exhibit in the beginning. Prepare 5-10 good posts before getting started (20 would be better) and know your platform from the beginning also. These are just a few of the beginning steps you need to take.

One gentleman was starting a technical blog and because of the other kinds of tasks he needed to perform, he prepared 50 posts. Once his blog was launched, he had sufficient posts to post frequently enough to establish his posting pattern for his readers and still be informative at the same time.

Adequately prepare......ALWAYS!

Author: Winifred Freeman