Saturday, February 28, 2009

Free Traffic Exchanges

All business owners need a marketing plan to grow their business and
attract traffic to their website for the product and/or service that is
being offered. You, as the business owner, are offering these pro-
ducts and services because of the needs that exist. These products
and services are being provided to meet your subscribers' needs and
solve their problems.

Most authors on traffic exchanges advise that you should join be-
tween three and five free exchanges. This is a manageable number
and, with the Firefox software, you can open several exchange
windows at one time to accumulate a significant number of credits
in a very short period of time. Some exchanges are expanding their
feature to allow you to supersurf - that is to surf four or five ex-
changes at the same time. Their only concern is that you join the
exchanges that are included in their particular group.

Once you've accumulated some credits, they are available to you to
use to advertise any websites that you wish to promote at that time.
This advertising can be done on the exchange you have joined and
the scope of advertisement can be broadened as you grow your

Traffic exchanges have become very popular with online businesses
and the exchange members cover a varied range of products and ser-
vices. Surfing the site advertisements is a smart way to find out what
sites exist and what services are available to you and others.

Finally, some of these exchanges attract various search engines and
some people join exchanges with this feature in their effort to im-
prove their own search engine ranking for their website. As with all
advertising, you are advised to develop several ads and determine
which keyword group in your ads are attracting the most traffic. Re-
member that the testing of ads is paramount to the success of your

Author: Winifred Freeman,

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